Tying Legs & Wings for Rotisserie Chicken Recipe


0:01 Hi! This is Richard Buccola here in New York City and today on behalf of Expert Village,

0:05 I am going to show you how to make a Rotisserie Chicken. Okay, before you could actually put

0:12 this chicken in the rotisserie, you are going to have to tie the legs and the wings because

0:16 you don't want the wings to flop around and heat your heating coil or heating element.

0:22 So basically any type of string is pretty good to use. It is cooking string of course.

0:26 Go to your supermarket. It is in your cooking aisle there. I am sure you can find it. Just

0:31 tie your knot and then tie another knot and just make sure it is tight. What you want

0:36 to do is just pull that side and grab the other leg and go around it. You are just going

0:41 to go around it. So you are just going to go around the other leg and pull that tight.

0:43 If you pull it tight, so you get them nice and tight, right. You are going to go up to

0:48 the wing. I went straight up. Here's the wing. You are going to go around the wing like so

0:57 and you will see there is a little hook there inside the other wing. I usually put the rope

1:01 right in there. You see that. That little wing inside the wing. Put my rope right in

1:07 there. Come around and do the same thing this way coming around the wing. So it is all inside.

1:14 This again, will prevent your wings from hitting the heating element. So you get it around

1:21 like that and pull on its side and again, give it a good tug coming around the chicken

1:30 this way and just bring it down back to where you started and then you've got it. Maybe

1:39 enough to give you a way to put it all together. Give it a good pull, go through once and your

1:45 chicken is ready to go inside our rotisserie but before that you have to season it, this

1:50 baby. Come back and I will show you how to do that. We are making Rotisserie Chicken

1:54 here at Expert Village. Having fun yet?