How to Treat Guys on a Date

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When it comes to how to behave on a date with a guy, what not to do is just as important as what to do. Think about how you want to be treated by a guy, and keep this in mind when you mentally prepare for the date. Above all, relax, be yourself and try to enjoy it. Dating should be fun, so don't put yourself under too much pressure to be perfect. Keeping the following general pointers in mind can help.

Think Before You Speak

Remember you're on a date, not gossiping with your girlfriends. A guy won't appreciate you going on about your favorite celebrity couple or speculating about your work colleague's latest love interest. Guys have a low threshold for meaningless chat, according to a "Cosmopolitan" article by Annie Daly. Focus on general topics, such as hobbies and favorite bands, movies, etc. It's important to act interested in him, so ask him questions about his family and his interests. Make sure you listen to his answers rather than fire a load of questions at him. The key is to make him feel special and appreciated, not bombarded. Steer clear of chat about previous relationships in the early dating stage. You'll have plenty of time to open up about those at a later stage. You don't want to risk coming across as bitter, paranoid or on the rebound by talking about your ex.

Money Matters

If you don't know much about the guy's financial position, avoid choosing the most expensive cocktail on the menu or suggesting you head to an exclusive, pricey club. If he can't afford it, he might feel inadequate. Follow his lead, suggests Daly. See what he orders first and opt for something similar. When it comes to paying the bill, it's polite to suggest going dutch. Even if he insists on paying, he's bound to appreciating you making the offer.

Avoid Distractions

No matter how much of a social media addict you are, try to keep your cell phone out of sight for the duration of the date. Whipping it out to update your Facebook status, check your Twitter feed or text an update to your girlfriend won't give a good impression. You'll have plenty of time to do all that when the date's over. For now, give him 100 percent of your attention.

The Eyes Have It

Eye contact is often the most effective way to let someone know you are physically attracted, according to the eHarmony article "5 Body Language Signs and What They Mean" by Fran Creffield. Show a guy how much you like him with the "flick" technique, recommended by body language expert Judi James: let your eyes drift away from his eyes, down to his mouth and then back to his eyes again. Combined with a coy smile and slight tilt of the head, this will give him no doubt that you are interested in more than friendship.