How to Transfer Child Custody Papers

by MayankJ

When a child’s custody is transferred from one parent or guardian to another parent or guardian, the transfers often come with paperwork as well. The papers are filed with the court, so the new guardian or parent is not paying child support to the previous custodian of the child and to ensure the process is completely legal. Each state has different custody and visitation papers to fill out during the transfer process, but the basic paperwork has similarities.

Locate the state paperwork. The state paperwork for child custody is located under the state court websites, usually under family law. Depending on the state, there are a few options regarding child custody. In most, the appropriate paperwork is a change of custody or transfer of custody paper. If the paperwork is not available online, go to the local family courts and pick up the appropriate state paperwork directly.

Fill out the appropriate state paperwork according to the directions. Directions will vary by state and the specific needs of the parents and child. A lawyer is useful when working on this paperwork, especially when there are several forms and they are complicated.

Get the paperwork signed by the other parent or guardian. Unless the custody change is court-ordered, the other parent must agree to the transfer, usually by signing the appropriate paperwork in the view of a witness.

Take the paperwork to the family court. File it at the court to complete the transfer of custody paperwork.

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