Traditional Wedding Gifts for Parents

Maria Teijeiro/Digital Vision/Getty Images

If you're like most couples, your parents have contributed time, energy and funds to your wedding. Before the big day arrives, think about a way to thank them. You can give your parents a gift before the wedding, after the wedding or even use the wedding itself to thank them.

Pictures Carry Sentiment

Give your parents a framed photo of you and your spouse, taken on your wedding day. There will be plenty of formal pictures, so try for something a little less "official." Take extra steps to make the gift meaningful and personal. If your parents have a photo of themselves at their wedding, strike a similar pose and use side by side framing. You can also create a sign with a message like "Thank You, Mom and Dad," and ask your photographer to incorporate it into a few shots. Load a digital picture frame with a handful of your favorites or create a photo book.


Pick something appropriate for the occasion. For your dad, think cufflinks engraved with his new family member's name and the date of your wedding. Moms are easier -- think a charm bracelet with a wedding charm, a pin or even an add-a-pearl necklace or bracelet; you can add to it on special events.

Wedding Recognition

Even though it's your big day, your parents will appreciate being incorporated into the ceremony and reception. Consider using sentimental objects from their weddings, like veils, cake toppers and jewelry, into your own wedding. Place framed photos of your parents on their wedding day near the guest book and cake table. Your parents might appreciate a heartfelt thank you speech during your wedding reception.

Cards and Letters

Cards and letters can be inexpensive but priceless to your parents. Write a personalized poem or letter to your parents.Think about how their actions and love will help you be a better spouse and family member. Talk about your favorite memories with them growing up, or the traditions your family has that you want to pass on to your children someday.