Traditional Spanish Gifts for a Bride

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Spain garners kudos worldwide for its many art forms. From expertly crafted Andalucian ceramics and richly colored Seville tiles to intricate Damasquino jewelry and awe-inspiring paintings from the likes of Goya and Picasso, Spanish culture translates as bold and romantic. When it comes to choosing a wedding gift, any bride will appreciate a traditional Spanish gift for her momentous occasion.


A gift of well-crafted pottery or ceramics from Spain -- a country known for its distinct crafts -- will grace the bride’s home. A sangria pitcher, used for pouring the classic Spanish fruit-infused wine drink and embellished with an elegant Moorish design, makes a one-of-a-kind wedding gift. Intricately painted artisan bowls from Seville or a ceramic dish set of Castanuela plates look stunning on any table.

Home Decor

Traditional Spanish wrought iron translates as a classic, sophisticated gift, as do wall mounts, mirrors and Retablos (Spanish religious paintings). Many areas of Spain -- particularly Toledo, Seville and Valladolid -- gained fame for their exquisite furniture. A carefully chosen ottoman, chair or night table from Spain creates a decorative statement in the bride’s house.

Spanish Art

Artwork serves as a creative gift, delivering a commanding presence in any room. Particularly if the bride appreciates fine art, a print of a meaningful piece or a romantic scene by a Spanish artist promises to be a beloved addition to her home. Spanish artists such as El Greco, Juan van der Hamen y Leon, Diego Velazquez and Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida all have created breathtaking works that look magnificent in a frame that suits the painting.


Spain produces jewelry known for its detail and boldness, with Spanish Mallorca pearls praised worldwide for their charm. A bride will adore the gift of an elegant strand of white Mallorca pearls, or a graceful pair of darker Mallorca earrings. The Spanish adopted Damascene, the art of making gold-decorated metals, from Syrian art forms, reports the Lands Far Away Imports website. Ornate and delicate Damascene jewelry tops the list as a whimsical, artistic bridal gift.

Orange Blossoms

Often present at traditional Spanish weddings, orange blossoms represent contentedness and happiness, reports Anything with a pattern or adornment of these delicate white-and-yellow flowers fits as a bridal gift. Anything from a piece of pottery with an orange blossom design to a cozy orange-blossom-patterned throw rug to a necklace with an orange blossom charm lets the bride to remember her wedding every time she sees it.