Traditional Six Year Anniversary Gifts

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The traditional gifts for a sixth wedding anniversary are sugar and iron. Choose one or both elements to prepare a thoughtful gift that will show your partner how much you care. Supplement any of these ideas with a bouquet of fresh calla lilies or an amethyst-encrusted piece of jewelry, as they’re the traditional flower and gemstone for the sixth year.

Sugar Gift Ideas

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Most people equate sugar with candy. And who doesn’t enjoy eating their favorite candy bar? Traditionalists wanting to combine both candy and iron often recommend giving favorite candies in a personalized iron bowl. If that won’t please, prepare a sugary trail mix of retro candy — like Nerds, Runts, Pez, Jolly Ranchers, Starburst and Sour Patch Kids — and eat it together while watching a movie. Try writing your spouse a love note using the names on candy wrappers in your message. Order an Edible Arrangement, which displays cut fruit in creative shapes. Or try baking a special dessert that you can both share after dinner.

Creative Sugar Gift Ideas

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For a more imaginative gift, think of something loosely related to sugar your spouse may like. For example, reenact your first date and first kiss when you realized you were “sweet” on each other. Perhaps your partner would like a trip to Hershey, Pennsylvania, home of Hershey’s chocolate and Hersheypark, a cocoa-drenched amusement park. Or plan a trip to the northeast when farmers are sapping the trees and making maple sugar. If your spouse likes to bake, consider enrolling her in a cooking class that teaches cake decorating or advanced dessert-making. Of course, there are always beauty products and candles scented like brown sugar available year round.

Iron Gift Ideas

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Giving an iron gift provides an opportunity to purchase a household item. This works well for someone who likes practical gifts. For example, you may need a cast iron pan for home use or camping. Other ideas are iron trivets, sculptures, patio furniture, bed frame or other décor item. Upgrade your fireplace with a new screen or andirons. If you’re feeling especially thoughtful, investigate local jewelers to see who can make personalized iron necklaces, earrings or bracelets. If you get your spouse something made of iron, have it engraved with a love message and the date to make it even more special.

Creative Iron Gift Ideas

As with sugar, think of gifts that are related to iron but not necessarily made of iron. For example, a new set of irons may be just the ticket for a golf-lover in need of new clubs. If your spouse loves to pump iron, consider purchasing new exercise equipment or a gym membership. Make ironing clothes easier with a brand new iron and ironing board — or better yet, a gift certificate to a laundry service. Maybe your wife needs a new curling iron or flat iron to supplement her beauty regimen. Or give the gift of pop culture with an Iron Maiden or Iron Butterfly album, or an illustrated copy of “The Man in the Iron Mask.” If your spouse is a history buff, plan a trip to a museum that displays artifacts from the Iron Age.