Top Ten Places to Register for Wedding Gifts

Gone are the days of receiving multiple pairs of candlesticks or numerous toasters you can’t return. Today’s couples are taking matters into their own hands and registering for items for their home, and even for their honeymoon. Here are some top places to consider registering for your wedding.


Furnishing a kitchen is always a large expense, but if you register at Williams-Sonoma, guests can easily choose from a variety of kitchen supplies at a range of costs. Additionally, Williams-Sonoma is a main retailer for Le Crueset–a very popular brand of pots and accessories for professional chefs.


The beauty of registering at Target is that you aren’t limited to a specific type of item. You can register for kitchenware, electronics, home goods and even furniture. Be sure to offer guests a chance to find items of all price ranges.

Crate and Barrel

Crate and Barrel offers a contemporary flare to home goods and kitchen items. Additionally, it offers furniture and small appliances as well with prices to fit all budgets.

Home Depot and Lowe's

Yes, you read correctly, couples can register at Home Depot and Lowe's. Many are buying their first homes and need items such as hammers, drills and kitchen faucets.


Similar to Home Depot and Lowe's, Sears offers your guests a variety of home improvement items and appliances, but also kitchen necessities such as glassware, flatware and china.


Macy’s is unique in that it offers couples a 5% reward program for certain items purchased on your registry. A gift card is then issued after your wedding for that amount.

Eco-Friendly Sites

With the “green” movement gaining popularity, many couples are interested in only environmentally friendly products. Sites such as Branch and Greenfeet offer registries with a variety of home and personal products.

Charity Organizations

Having guests donate to a charity organization in lieu of presents is an excellent idea for those couples who have everything that they need already. It also is a wonderful way to expose guests to a cause of importance to you. Find a charity that connects to something in your lives and be sure to include an explanation for your guests to understand why this is important to you both.

Honeymoon Funds

There are numerous websites now that can offer guests an opportunity to contribute money to the fund for your honeymoon. This is becoming very popular for young couples who might not be able to afford that luxury vacation but are still looking for a way to celebrate.

Many department stores and retail organizations offer benefits to registering at their locations. Coupons, discounts and open return policies are common and allow the couple to purchase items not chosen after their wedding.

When registering for your wedding, be sure to think not just about what you are looking for, but what might be easiest and most convenient for your guests. Remember to always send thank-you cards for gifts within 6 to 8 months after your wedding!