Top Gifts for a Wife Who Is Expecting for the First Time

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As much as a man may say he understands how his pregnant wife feels, he can't honestly understand the exhilaration and exhaustion of a first pregnancy. What he can do is support her in every way possible, and that might include giving her a thoughtful gift. Many men give their wives a "push present" after the birth of a baby, but men can also give gifts ahead of the birth as a way to show support and love.

Gifts to Pamper Her

Pregnancy is hard on a woman's body, so give her the gift of pampering. A weekend at a spa or a weekly pregnancy massage will relax and rejuvenate her. If your budget is limited, buy her favorite lotion or a foot bath. If she likes to read, invest in an e-reader and load it with parenting books. Many e-readers can be held in one hand, so she can read while feeding the baby. Soft slippers, a full-body pillow, a new robe or a day at the salon can also make her feel pampered, and more importantly, loved.

Gifts to Commemorate

Mark the occasion of your wife's first pregnancy by presenting her with a commemorative gift. An engraved necklace -- if you are sure of the baby's name -- or a ring with the baby's birthstone in it will last a lifetime. Another way to commemorate the pregnancy is to spend some time with a professional photographer. Although your wife might be a bit camera shy because of her big belly, encouraging her to document the pregnancy through pictures will show her that you truly think she is beautiful.

Gifts of Service

Pregnancy and exhaustion go hand-in-hand, and that tired feeling is not going to go away after the baby is born -- at least not right away. Give your wife the gift of service. Hire a housecleaner to come in once a week and deep-clean the house, or if your budget is tight, do it yourself. A meal service can provide home-cooked meals, or enlist the help of your mother if she is a good cook and gets along well with your wife. Spend a day baby-proofing the house, or take over the yearly task of getting the garden ready for planting.

Gifts for the Baby

Chances are, your wife is more focused on the baby than on herself. Decorating the nursery and shopping for clothes are ways many expectant mothers enjoy preparing for a new baby. Give your wife a gift certificate to her favorite baby boutique, or go ahead and splurge on that fancy stroller even though you think it is too expensive. The look on her face will be worth it, even if your baby has a more stylish ride than you do.