Top 10 Things to Do During Spring Break

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Spring break signals the end of winter and gives students, parents and educators a week-long break from academia. There are many things to do during spring break. You can enjoy a trip to one of the top 10 spring break destinations. Or you can have a productive spring break by cleaning up around the house and beginning a new exercise routine. You can also plant some bulbs in your garden to usher in the summer season with blooming flowers.

Head Outdoors

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After months cooped up indoors because of cold weather, spring break is the perfect time to enjoy some time outdoors. Visit a local ski resort and go skiing and snowboarding. Or, do an outdoor project to prepare for the warmer weather. You might enjoy cleaning up the yard, planting bulbs or putting up a birdbath. Take a long walk and explore your surroundings to tone your muscles for the coming summer months.

Stay Indoors

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There are many indoor activities you can enjoy during spring break. Check out the various community centers in your area for things to do. Swim laps at the local indoor pool or arrange an evening of bowling or roller skating with friends. Buy tickets to a basketball or hockey game and cheer for your favorite team. Or, sign-up for a week-long class or volunteer activity in your community.

Experience the World

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Plan a trip to one of the top 10 spring break destinations and enjoy your spring break away from home. You might want to visit Palm Springs, California or Naples, Florida and enjoy sunshine and warm weather. You could travel to Barbados and see the stalactites, stalagmites and waterfalls in Harrison's Cave. Your travels don't have to take you far; learn about people, animals, science, art and history at a local museum, planetarium, aquarium, hall of fame or zoo.

Plan an Arts-and-Crafts Day

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Use one of your spring break days to do arts and crafts activities. Pull out the construction paper, paint, markers, crayons, scissors and glue and make paper chains or paper flowers. Or, use the time to organize printed photographs. Freshen up a room by placing a photograph in a new picture frame and decorating with it. Put together a scrapbook or start preparing your next photo holiday or greeting card.

See a Matinee Movie

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With your afternoons free, spring break is the ideal time to head to your local movie theater and see an inexpensive matinee showing of the latest blockbuster film. Use the dollars you saved on the ticket price to splurge on a favorite treat from the concession stand. Or, rent a few DVDs and enjoy your own film festival at home.

Game Tournament

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Invite over some friends and host a game tournament. You can play a multi-player video game or traditional board or card game. If you invite enough people, break them up into teams and play a series of games at the same time. Give small prizes to the winners of each game.

Go Shopping

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Enjoy a day of shopping at the mall, or visit one of the malls on the Hotel by City website's top 10 list of malls. Be one of the 30 million people that visit the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota each year. Check out the designer fashions on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California. Wherever your shopping may take you, try on clothes and peruse the latest beauty products. If you're strapped for cash, see what treasures you can find at your local thrift shop.


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Pull out the storage containers and trash bags for some spring cleaning. Go through clothes in your drawers and closets, and separate items you want to give to charity. Put away seasonal decorations from the winter. Get rid of clutter that you no longer need. Store your boxes of seasonal clothes and decorations in a cool, dry place, and put your clothing donation in your car so you won't forget to take them to the charitable organization.


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Begin a fitness regimen to prepare for the summer season. Integrate high-intensity aerobic interval routines into your regular exercise program. Visit your local gym and use the strength machines to improve your muscle tone. Keep a slender physique by not consuming fried or salty foods.

Plan Your Summer Vacation

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Make a list of the things you want to do during your summer vacation or of activities you wish you could have done during spring break. Include things you haven't done before as well as things you want to do with particular friends or family. Make plans to perform the activities you wrote down over the next few months, or coordinate an itinerary for your summer vacation.