Toddler Boy Easter Basket Ideas

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Many parents make homemade Easter baskets — National Confectioners Association reports that 90 percent of children in the United States are given Easter baskets to celebrate the holiday. Toddlers can really get excited about a holiday with built-in gifts and toys like Easter. But what is appropriate for older boys' baskets can pose hazards to little guys. Toys and treats need to be free of choking hazards and small parts. Still there are many options for the little tyke in your life.

Toys & Games

If your son enjoys sports, miniature soft balls are a suitable toy for his basket. You can also include train engines (ensuring the toy is age-appropriate without small parts), lead-free sidewalk chalk, rubber ducks for bath time use or stickers. If you color eggs with your child, add them to his basket so you can hide them later in the day for an Easter Egg Hunt.


Easter gifts typically include plush stuffed animals, such as rabbits, ducks or baby chicks. You can give your son a toy of his favorite animal or an Easter bunny hat to wear. The stuffed toy must be free of choking hazards such as removable buttons and plastic pellets like those found in bean bag toys.

Edible Treats

For toddlers, skip filling his Easter basket with candy as many types of candies are choking hazards. Opt for alternatives such as a box of animal crackers, oatmeal cookies or applesauce cups. For parents who want to include candy, use Saf-T Pops lollipops that use a loop handle instead of a stick.

Intellectual Gifts

Add intellectual toys to your son's basket such as colored or alphabet blocks. There are also Easter-themed books and nursery rhymes, flash cards and crayons with coloring books that can keep him entertained while boasting his creativity.