Titanic Birthday Party Ideas

Tom Fowlks/Photodisc/Getty Images

The sinking of the Titanic was a notable historic event. Although the huge ship was thought to be unsinkable, in 1912, on its maiden voyage, the ship collided with an iceberg and was sunk. Due to the number of lives lost from this tragedy, the story of the Titanic has remained popular with many people. If you are interested in the history of the Titanic, a Titanic-themed birthday party may be right up your alley.


Using Titanic-themed invitations lets your guests know what to expect when they reach the party. There are several ways to achieve this. One option is to make your invitations out of heavy cardstock. Cut the cardstock into shapes such as life rings, boats or icebergs, and write the details of the party on them. You can either draw the shapes freehand, or use a cookie cutter to trace the shapes and then cut them out.

A second option is to print of photographs of the Titanic. Use pictures of the ship before it set sail or those taken by underwater explorers. Write your information on the back of the pictures and mail them like postcards.

A third option is to send messages in a bottle. Write your invitation on a piece of paper and roll it up. Insert the rolled-up paper inside a small 8-oz. bottle. You can add sand and shells to the bottle if you’d like. Deliver each invitation by hand.

Regardless of what method you choose, include wording to announce the theme for the birthday party. For example, for an iceberg-shaped invitation, you could say, "Come chill with us for a Titanic birthday celebration." For the message in the bottle, you could indicate that you are sending out a rescue call to help keep the birthday boy afloat.


Playing Titanic-themed games will help keep the party guests entertained. One idea is to fill a baby pool with water and float a cork in the center of the pool. Place a piece of white bath foam in the pool for each guest. The cork represents the Titanic and the foam represents the iceberg. Give the guests turkey basters, straws and bulb syringes. When the game begins, each guest must use her tools to blow her piece of bath foam to the cork. The guest whose foam reaches the cork first sinks the Titanic and wins the game. Another game option is to make an ice-melting game. Give each guest an ice cube. Tell the guests that they can use any method they can think of to melt the ice cube. The guest who completely melts her ice cube first wins.


Cakes are a common element of a birthday party and they can be themed to match yours. One option is to make a baked Alaska cake. The white outer layer of the cake and its shape make it look like an iceberg. Another option is make a sheet cake and frost it to look like the ocean. You can place a toy model of the Titanic on the cake. If you want to add an iceberg, you can use white frosting. Alternately, you can bake a round cake and frost it to look like a life preserver; write the Titanic’s and the birthday boy's names on it in frosting.