Tips on Stand-Up Tanning Beds


0:04 I'm Megan Brown with subs obtaining

0:06 centers here in Portland Oregon I'm

0:08 smart team certified and I'm an

0:10 Operations lead today I'm going to talk

0:13 about tanning in a stand-up bed one

0:16 essential item is your goggles be sure

0:18 to use a pair that has an adjustable

0:20 strap or temporary stick on lids these

0:24 are not only going to protect your eyes

0:26 but they'll stay on while you're

0:28 standing up stand up beds come with

0:31 either a bar or a strap that you can

0:34 reach up in order to reduce tan lines

0:36 that get created under your arms while

0:40 you're in the bed arch your back this is

0:42 going to help to reduce tan lines that

0:44 can occur under your gluteus maximus

0:46 while you're in the bed enjoy the music

0:49 loosen up and dance I like to call it my

0:52 own personal disco party while I'm in

0:53 there these are some helpful tips on

0:56 using a stand-up bed I'm Megan Brown

0:58 with some sup tanning centers

1:08 you