Tips on Keeping Shellac Nail Polish on Longer

by Megan Smith ; Updated September 28, 2017

Shellac nail polish manicures are different from traditional manicures. With a shellac manicure, the polish is cured using UV rays after each coat. This creates a nail polish application that can last for weeks. Follow some tips to make sure that your shellac manicure reaches its full potential.

Prepare the Nail

One way to ensure that your shellac nail polish manicure stays on for as long as it can is by properly preparing the nail. Buff the surface of the nail to remove flaking. If the nail's surface is flaking, the polish will likely chip in those areas.

Professional Application

Shellac nail polish and the tools needed to complete a shellac manicure are only sold to licensed professionals. To make sure that your shellac manicure is applied correctly and that it will not chip, ensure that the person who is doing your manicure has been trained in the proper procedures.


Although shellac nail polish is supposed to stay on during normal everyday activities, take measures to make sure it does not become chipped. Wear gloves when you wash dishes, wash your car, clean your house or whenever your hands come into contact with harsh cleaners or chemicals.


Because of the way that shellac nail polish is applied, it cannot be removed with regular nail polish. You will need to go back to a nail salon to have the polish removed by a manicurist. She will soak the nails for about 10 minutes in a special liquid in order to remove it. If you do not have the polish professionally removed, you will have to let it simply grow off.

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