Tips for Highlighting Gray Hair


0:00 So, I have a model here. And, what I want to show you all is that she has a base color

0:07 that was applied. And, it's a little bit darker. And, she also has a highlight in there. And,

0:15 you can get a lot of different placements to blend gray. This placement is a little

0:19 bit more of a medium chunkier placement. So, there's areas between the highlight versus

0:24 the low light. But, what happens with the gray is gray grows out. It's normally just

0:30 on the root or the base of the hair. So, what tends to happen when you get the based covered

0:35 the base actually covered with color. And, then you go back in like our model has with

0:41 a highlight lowlight it really is a good blending situation for the gray. And, it's really color

0:48 is all what you can compare it to what it lays against. And, because you have a mixture

0:52 and a dimensional look you're not focusing on the gray. You're focusing on the other

0:57 colors. And, not as wide. You should blend your gray with highlights and lowlights and

1:02 a base color.