Tips for Cooking Shark Meat


0:00 The potatoes are ready. The zucchini is ready. The fish is almost done. What we are going

0:49 to do, we are going to go ahead and present the plate. First, we are going to start off

1:07 with the zucchini. Then we are going to take one layer of the potatoes. We are going to

1:21 do the same thing. Basically, we are stacking it up. After it is done, we will go ahead

1:29 and check on the shark. See how it has a nice color on top? Type of a grazed thing. So this

1:39 will kind of caramelize with the olive oil with all the seasonings like salt and pepper

1:46 give a nice color to it. We are going to take it out. Doing the same thing with the fish,

2:01 stacking it on top.