This is What Your Acne Placement Means About Your Health and Personality

by Ekua Hagan

Do you always break out in the same spot on your face? According to the form of skin analysis called “face mapping,” the location of your pimples could be speaking volumes about what’s really going on inside your body.

Practitioners of the 3,000-year-old Chinese art of face reading (or, mien shiang) believe that different areas of the face can reveal the state of your health and aspects of your personality. It’s like the equally ancient art of reading tea leaves, but instead of tea–it’s your face, and instead of reading leaves, you read your pimples. Weird, right? Keep reading.

Using the face map above from Dermalogica as a guide, think about where you normally break out. The list of facial zones below will tell you which part of your body it’s connected to, and how you can get things back on the right track.

Forehead: Areas 1 and 3 Breakouts in this area could be related to your digestive system, including your small intestines and bladder. Flush toxins by drinking more water and green tea, and improve your diet by avoiding sugar and processed foods.

Between Your Eyebrows: Area 2 Bottom line, your liver is not happy with you. Indications of food allergies will also show in this area. Try cutting down on booze, and take a closer look at what you’ve been eating.

Cheeks: Areas 5 and 9 The cheeks are linked to your respiratory system. If you smoke, the time to stop was yesterday. Breakouts here can also indicate a cold, flu, or asthma. If you live in a polluted area you might want think about a vacation.

Nose: Area 7 This is the area that’s connected to your heart. Get your blood pressure checked and cut down a bit on the meat and sodium.

Around Eyes and Ears: Areas 6, 8 and 10 You’ve got kidney issues, kid. Get more liquids in your system, and reduce caffeine and alcohol, since these could be making you dehydrated.

On Your Chin: Area 12 If you’re breaking out on your chin, start paying more attention to your stomach. Increase your fiber intake to see if that helps your digestion.

Sides of Chin: Areas 13 and 11 Stress and hormonal changes show up in these areas. Try to get more rest, exercise, and think about ways to promote inner calm like yoga or meditation.

Back and Shoulders: not seen
I’m talking to the guys here: shower after workouts and wash your gym shirts… please.

Photo credits: Top: Getty Images, Face map: Dermalogica