Things to Write to Your Wife

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Writing to your wife is a special and romantic way of communicating your feelings to her. You may not write to her all the time, perhaps you have never written her anything romantic at all. Whatever the case, she will appreciate you heartfelt words and love you even more after you have expressed your affection in words.

I love you more each year.

Letting your wife know in writing that you love her more each year is a deeply encouraging and inspiring thing for you to say. This will demonstrate to her that you are not falling out of love or slowly drifting apart but that as the time goes by your relationship simply grows. These words will encourage her that she is with a loving husband who intends on getting to know her as time passes.

I can't make it without you.

Telling your wife that you can't make it without her shows her that you depend on her for support, guidance and inspiration. She will hold on to the idea that you need her in your life and that she is part of your identity. This shows her that you are deeply in love with the core of who she is and need her just to keep on living a normal, productive life.

You are always becoming more beautiful.

When you tell your wife that she is always becoming more beautiful, you are reinforcing the idea that her beauty is not fading but actually increasing as the years go by. You can continue to be even more encouraging by describing the ways she is beautiful and going into specific detail. You can include inner and outer beauty but make sure to be thorough in your descriptions.

You make me a better man.

Writing to your wife that she makes you a better man is inspiring in a way that not many other words can be. Your wife will love the idea that she challenges you to be stronger and step into your role as a great man. She longs to be a part of your daily activities and the idea that she inspires you enough to make you better than you would be without her will stick with her for a long time.

You were on my mind.

Telling your wife that she was on your mind will bring her happiness, joy and peace. Your wife wants to know that you still think about her, whether it is at work, school or any time you are apart from each other. Writing her a letter and letting her know that she was on your mind is a sweet and special thing to say and will bring the two of you closer.