Things to Make With Old Jewelry

by Kay Ireland

Everyone has a few mismatched earrings, broken rings or discolored jewelry lurking in the bottom of their jewelry boxes. When the old jewelry was expensive or stylish at one point, it's hard to let those pieces go, give them away or throw them out. Instead of getting rid of them, think about repurposing them, by making other things you can use. Old jewelry can jazz up other projects around the house, be turned into other accessories or used to make old clothes new again.

Drawer Pulls

Drawer pulls are an ideal project to make with old, mismatched or broken brooches. You probably have some gaudy or elaborate brooches that have broken pins on the back. To make them into stylish and eclectic drawer pulls, use a knife to pry off the old pins of the back. Remove the regular drawer pulls from the drawer and fill the holes with putty. Choose a few old brooches (larger ones are the best type) and dab wood glue on the back of the brooch and on the drawer. Center the brooch on the drawer and press firmly. Allow to dry for at least 24 hours before use. If you're handy with a drill, you can bore holes into the brooches and drill them in for more security. These pulls work best on smaller drawers, as they don't bear weight as well as stock drawer pulls. It's a gorgeous way to dress up a bathroom vanity or set of closet doors.

Hair Clips

Old pendants and mismatched earrings look elegant when repurposed into flashy hair clips that you can use to accent your hairstyle. Go to your beauty supply store and buy a package of bobby pins and a card of alligator clips. Make sure that you have a hot glue gun at home, because you'll be affixing metal to metal. Remove any hooks or chains so you are left with just the pendant or earring, perhaps with a small hoop on it to thread through. You can thread ribbon through a pendant and then tie in a bow, gluing it onto the alligator clip for a sweet hair accessory. For a quick and easy hair clip, simply thread a bobby pin through the hoop and pin to your hair.


If you have small, mismatched stud earrings or tiny brooches, use them to jazz up some of your plain clothes. A white button-up shirt, for instance, is a good basic, but it can be a little boring. Making sure that your brooches or earrings have a clasp or hoop on the back, check to see if they can easily fit through a button hole on your shirt. Remove old, plain buttons from shirt, and use the hoops or clasps to affix the new "buttons" to the shirt with a needle and thread. Just sew a simple stitch through the clasp and into the shirt. Make sure they line up with the button holes.

About the Author

Kay Ireland specializes in health, fitness and lifestyle topics. She is a support worker in the neonatal intensive care and antepartum units of her local hospital and recently became a certified group fitness instructor.