Things to Make in a Waffle Maker

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If you’re hesitant to stock your kitchen with a waffle maker because it seems like a one-trick pony, think again. Besides basic waffles, you can make breakfast, lunch, and dessert creations using your waffle maker. Sure, your waffle maker might add some original indentations to your food, but the taste will surprise you. Your home waffle maker can be a versatile kitchen appliance--all it requires is a bit of creativity.

Gourmet Waffles

Use a waffle maker to make all sorts of waffles, as the appliance’s name implies. Set aside some time on a lazy weekend morning to make gourmet waffles for you and your family to enjoy. Use your favorite waffle batter mixture, whether it’s a boxed buttermilk mix or a homemade one. Add chocolate chips, blueberries, or raspberries to your waffle batter for added flavor. Top these waffles with whipped cream or fruit, or drizzle melted chocolate over them. Seasonings like cinnamon can add an original flavor to your waffles; simply add a few sprinkles to your batter before cooking. During the fall, offer up seasonal pumpkin pie waffles. As website Texas Cooking suggests, you can add canned pumpkin and sour cream to your waffle batter for a hearty, autumnal taste.

Pressed Sandwiches

Rather than firing up the stove or buying another specialty appliance like a panini maker, use your waffle maker to create hot, pressed sandwiches for your family to munch on for lunch or dinner. Start with basic pressed sandwiches, and get creative from there. Butter two pieces of bread, place your favorite cheese in between them, and create a grilled cheese sandwich using your waffle maker. Kids will love the crinkled look for their grilled cheese sandwiches. Add some sliced turkey, cooked bacon, and Swiss cheese in a wrap. Roll it up, and press it in your waffle iron for a hot, pressed wrap. Emeril Lagasse recommends a waffle iron Reuben sandwich using rye bread, ham, corned beef, and Russian dressing. Simply put together your sandwich, and heat it up using your waffle maker.


Instead of turning on your oven and heating up your house, use your waffle maker to create homemade breads and muffins. Just as you use waffle batter to make waffles, you can make muffins using boxed or homemade mixes in your waffle maker. For example, pour blueberry muffin batter in your waffle maker to press an original blueberry muffin patty. Cut it up in fourths, and serve for breakfast or dessert. They'll have a different shape, but the same satisfying taste.