Things to Do on a Girls Night Out

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Get a gang of girlfriends together and there's no telling what kind of fun -- and trouble -- they can get into. The possibilities are quite literally endless. A good rule of thumb for planning a girls' night out, though, is to consider the girls you're inviting. A group of 20-something singles are probably going to be more interested in partying than a group of 30-something mothers grateful for a night without the kids. Either way, an amazing night for the girls doesn't have to be fancy or micromanaged. Just relax and enjoy yourselves.

Bottoms Up

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If it's a crazy night out you want, grab your eyeliner and stilettos and go. Hit up a nice restaurant for pre-party small plates you can each share, or get a round of indulgent desserts. Step outside your comfort zones by ordering dishes you normally avoid. Choose your favorite night clubs and enjoy yourselves bar-hopping. If you want to take it to the next level, buy bachelorette party favors, complete with a fake veil, and pretend you're each celebrating your last night of being on the dating market. Just remember -- either one of you skips the mojitos in favor of cranberry juice, or have a cab lined up.

A Night In

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When being cozy sounds more interesting than going through the mandatory prep of a night clubbing, choose stay-in activities. Have a budget-friendly wine tasting, or get together to try your hand creating a selection of hors d'oeuvres. Channel "Grease" by having a full-on pajama party, complete with facials and manicures, before settling in to glasses of champagne and a couple of old movies. Or pick a few movies with your favorite hunk actors and play a drinking game: everyone takes a shot (or a sip) when a muscular torso is revealed.

Play Around

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Get in touch with your inner Martha Stewart by picking out a few craft ideas you and your girlfriends can do together. Challenge one another to a Dance Party competition on your game station. Play cards and use change or poker chips to bet with, or pick a few of your favorite nostalgic board games to play. What the winners get as their booty all depends on you guys; maybe a free manicure, a jello shot or a slice of cheesecake.

Go Shopping

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You probably don't need an excuse to go shopping. You and your girlfriends can spend a few lazy late afternoon hours going through stores far too pricey for any of you, and try on as many outfits as you like. Set aside a little money and buy yourselves something indulgent that you'd normally deny yourselves, like a pretty necklace, perfume, expensive makeup or a pair of shoes you've always wanted. Browse through home improvement stores choosing all the furniture and appliances you'll buy in a few years' time.