Things to Do in Las Vegas After You Get Married

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If Elvis just married you in Las Vegas and you don't know what to do next, relax. The town is one large amusement park for adults. There are plenty of things to do in Las Vegas after you get married that are fun and romantic. Your job is to decide how much you want to do. You can stay up 24 hours a day, but remember, you are on a honeymoon.

Time Frame

Select your entertainment based on the time of day you get married. There's nothing more romantic than standing atop the Eiffel Tower and watching the water show at the Bellagio at night. See if you can find a small bottle of champagne and two glasses to take with you. Toast to your marriage atop the tower with your arms intertwined and the background of music, casino lights and the dancing waters.


Rise above the rest of the world with a dinner at the top of the Stratosphere. The Top of the World restaurant is 800 feet above the city and rotates 360 degrees every hour so you see a panoramic view. If you love nature, go while it's light, but if the city lights are a thrill, there's nothing better than an evening meal. Don't forget to tell them you're newlyweds so they seat you in the best seats in the house.


Get another wedding photo in front of a million-dollar display. Binion's on Freemont Street has $1 million enclosed in an acrylic pyramid. The display contains stacks of bills ranging from $1 to $100. This is the second display. The first one had rare $10,000 bills and the casino sold it. For $20, you get a photo and $25 worth of free slot play. That means they end up paying you. This is one thing to do in Las Vegas after you get married, which could make you a little richer. Don't forget to make reservations at their Ranch Steak House. It's 24 stories up and the best view of the downtown area.


Relax in a gondola as you ride around the Venetian. This is a marvelous activity for both the day and evening. Make sure you book a reservation the same day you want to ride. You have to pick up the tickets in person. A Great Romance package offers tickets to Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum, the outdoor gondola ride and lunch or dinner for two. The gondolier sings to his passengers as he travels the canals. Beware of hot days and take an indoor gondola ride instead.


Get your camera ready and take a helicopter flight over the city. It's magnificent whether you go during the hours after dark or take a daytime trip. Some packages include a champagne toast and great photo opportunities. If you go at night, make sure you have nighttime film. The people at the helipad are usually glad to take pictures of you and your loved one in front of the helicopter. Consider a ride over the Grand Canyon if you like adventure.


Feel the cool night breeze as you walk The Strip. There are many things to see in Las Vegas and no list of things to do in Las Vegas after you get married would be complete if you didn't include strolling The Strip. If the day is particularly hot, wait until evening. If you get tired, ride the Monorail or take the bus service on The Strip.


Relax at a spa. If you just want to lounge around, then by all means, do just that. You can add to your relaxation with an appointment at the hotel's spa for a massage. When you're done, go lay by the pool or go back to your room to snuggle.