Things That Are Closed on Columbus Day in Illinois

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Places that are closed on Columbus Day in Illinois include government offices, banks and schools. In 1937, Congress designated Oct. 12 as the official celebration date. Illinois recognized Columbus Day as an official state holiday in 1963. In 1971, Congress declared the second Monday in October as the official celebration day. Check area news reports for updates on holiday closings in Illinois.

Financial Institutions

Financial institutions are among the establishments closed on Columbus Day in Illinois. Make deposits or withdrawals in advance for upcoming holiday plans. Obtain cash during the holiday from automatic teller machines using a bank card. Remember deposits made during the holiday will need additional time to clear.

State / Local / Government Offices

Most federal and state government offices are closed for the Columbus Day holiday, including driver services. The Illinois Department of Employment Security recommends customers use the IDES web site for first-time claim filing and benefits certification. People receiving unemployment or Social Security benefits should plan ahead in case of holiday-caused delays. Find IDES contact information in the local phone directory.

Post Offices

Post offices are closed for Columbus Day due to their status as a federal institution. Carriers retrieve items from mailboxes, but do not make normal deliveries or accept mail at the customer service counter. Express mail items will still be delivered. Allow extra delivery time for standard delivery items around the holiday. Send mail earlier than normal to avoid problems. Contact the U.S. Postal Service for information on express mail.

Educational Institutions

Students are well aware schools, colleges and universities are closed on Columbus Day in Illinois. Chicago public schools are closed, along with many parochial and suburban schools. Many colleges and universities in the state do not hold classes on Columbus Day. Many students participate in local community service projects, attend parades or enjoy area attractions, including museums or the zoo. Confirm closings by contacting schools.