Things Teens Do for Fun

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Entertaining teenagers may be a difficult task due to the physical and hormonal changes many teenagers experience at that stage in their lives. However, a variety of activities are available for young adults in this age group to enjoy. Family vacations or group events can act as opportunities for teenagers to have fun and enjoy themselves.

Socializing with Friends

Socializing with friends is an activity that many teenagers may enjoy. Getting together with friends can create a number of opportunities to have fun. For example, teenagers can break into a pick-up sports game such as basketball. An unplanned trip to the movies can also serve as another opportunity for teenagers to socialize. These social interactions can help create friendships that last for years and develop social skills that are important within society. At ages 17 and 18, teenagers may be able to attend local night clubs that offer teen or college nights. These venues offer another opportunity for teenagers to experience an entertaining evening with their friends.


Planning a trip is an enjoyable activity for any age group. Teenagers can plan an excursion with a group of friends or help plan their annual family trip. These trips can be set for a variety of destinations. For example, during the summer months, some teenagers may enjoy spending multiple days on the beach, tanning, swimming or surfing. Family trips can become a tradition to visit extended family or to explore a new location every year. Involving the teens in planning the trip can allow them to have a vested interest in the whole vacation rather than being a passive member. Traveling to other countries is another example of a vacation trip that teenagers would enjoy. Experiencing different cultures can be educational opportunities as well.

Playing Video Games

Video games are a popular form of entertainment for teenagers and other individuals. They allow players to experience a variety of situations that are usually not possible in the everyday world. For example, through video games, players may save the world as superheroes or participate in football games with professional athletes. One major attraction of current video games is the ability to play online with friends or strangers from across the globe. Games such as Halo 3 can pit teams of players against each other in many different battle formats. Video games can serve as an opportunity to bring teenagers together for multiple hours of play.