Things to Talk About to Your Girlfriend

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Communication is key in every relationship, so it's important that you have plenty of topics on hand to keep conversations going with your girlfriend. Open communication will allow you to get to know her better as well as understand her goals and fears. Even better, she will likely reciprocate and initiate conversations with you as well. Tailor your talks to your girlfriend's interests to get her to open up.

Her Interests

If your girlfriend is shy, you might struggle to get to know her early in your relationship. However, you can spark lively conversation with her by focusing on her interests. You likely know what her basic interests are, so do a little research to become knowledgeable about topics that interest her. For example, if she's a movie buff, talk to her about this year's Oscar nominees. Giving her an opening to talk about something she loves will spark valuable conversation.

The Future

Talking about the future with your girlfriend can be tricky, but if you feel like your relationship has progressed to that stage, then don't shy away from this serious conversation. If you're ready to take the next step in the relationship, whether that's moving in together, going on a romantic vacation or talking about marriage, then talk to your girlfriend about what she wants her future to hold. Ask where she'd like to live, what her career aspirations are and if she wants children. Her answers will help you determine if you're compatible for the long run.

Her Family and Friends

Unless you grew up with your girlfriend, chances are you might not know her family and friends all too well. Taking an interest in the people most important to her will show her that you really care. Don't pry into her family history, but if you notice her talking about a certain family member in a positive light, ask more about that person. Likewise, when she mentions friends you don't know, ask her how she met them and what they are like.

Lighthearted Topics

Not every conversation with your girlfriend has to be serious; you can find many lighthearted topics to discuss when you're chatting on the phone or enjoying a date. If you share an interest in a sports team, band or television show, talk about the latest game, album or episode. If you share a group of mutual friends, there's no harm in chatting about your last party or event. Tell her about your job or classes and ask her about hers. You can share frustrations or celebrate accomplishments as a couple.