Things to Say to Flirt With Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend

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You've been dating your boyfriend or girlfriend for a couple months. You're having a great time but you're worried he or she will start to lose interest if you don't keep things exciting. It can be difficult to flirt with someone you've gotten so close to and casual with. Here are some examples of things you might say. Just remember to treat your partner with respect and patience.

You Look Fantastic

Sometimes in relationships, flattery will get you everywhere. You obviously find your partner attractive, and he or she knows that inherently. However, they will always appreciate a reminder. Ladies: when your boyfriend takes the time to put together a nice outfit, or gets a new cologne, chances are he's doing it to impress you. Show him how much you appreciate it by telling him how good he looks in that new blazer, or how sexy that new scent is. Gentlemen: your girlfriend hopes that you think she is the most beautiful girl in the world. If she wears make-up or if she buys a new dress, she wants you to notice. Make her feel appreciated and beautiful with a good old-fashioned compliment.

Make Them Laugh

Laughter is the best way to solve any bad mood or minor argument. This is probably how you courted your partner to begin with. After awhile, things can get serious -- not the nature of your relationship, but the pattern of your conversations. Remember to keep things light. Poke fun at things you see together, and occasionally even your partner. There is a line here, though, so use caution. Don't be cruel. Use your judgment.

Match Wits

Healthy competition can add a level of fun and spontaneity to a romantic relationship, especially by two smart, quick-witted people. Engage your partner in a war of words. This, too, can get tricky. Don't let a debate turn into full on brawl, and don't make personal attacks. However, matching wits worked to woo in Elizabethan times and works just as well today.

Encourage Your Partner

Sometimes the sexiest thing your can say to your boyfriend or girlfriend is a simple statement of encouragement. Your partner has a life of his own outside of your relationship, and there are things that he struggles with, whether that's a career, a hobby or relationships with other people. Have faith in him and his ability to overcome what's standing in his way. Point out the qualities he has that you think are beneficial to success.