Things to Do With My Girlfriend & Her Infant Baby From a Previous Relationship

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Your girlfriend became a new mom just before your relationship began and you know her infant baby is the most important part of her life. Since she may not always have a moment to break away for alone time, find ways to incorporate her baby into the times you spend together. Take a stroll at the zoo, catch a movie and otherwise show her that you love both her and her child.

Park Stroll Date

Pack a lunch and plan a day to go to the park together with the baby in tow. His mother can place him in a stroller or sling and take a walk around the park with you. Enjoy the various aspects of nature and smile at your girlfriend when you spot a pretty flower or a cute rabbit hopping by. Incorporate the baby by telling him the name of a type of flower or animal. Stop at the park's duck pond and break away pieces of bread to throw in the water. You, your girlfriend and the baby will laugh together as the creatures fight over the food. While the baby takes a nap, lay out a blanket to settle down under a tree and enjoy your lunch together. Softly read her a few romantic poems and share a kiss.

Day at the Zoo

Spend an afternoon at the local zoo with your girlfriend and her little one. Take turns pushing the baby in her stroller and walk around the zoo together. Scope out interesting animal exhibits, such newborn baby cubs, or spontaneously stroll the zoo. Take the baby out of the stroller every so often to give her a better view of the animals and tell her their names. Make sure to steal a few kisses and hugs with your girlfriend. Remember to take pictures of the animals as a keepsake for the baby to view for years to come. Take a break to rest on a bench and enjoy a cool snack or drink. Then, surprise your girlfriend and the baby by stopping by the gift shop before you leave. Buy her a stuffed animal toy and her baby the miniature version as souvenirs.

Inner Child Fun

Show off your silly side and invite your girlfriend and her baby along to do everything that babies like to do. Start the day off by playing baby-friendly games with her and her baby, such as building blocks or peek-a-boo. As a funny idea, prepare a baby-inspired lunch for you and your girlfriend. Think bite-sized sandwiches, bowls of fruit and vegetable purees and fresh milk. Serve the milk in bottles. Laugh together as you put on bibs and sit down to eat your meal. Give the baby a taste of what you're eating. Then, engage in a messy arts and crafts activity together. Prepare edible finger paint. Lay out blank pieces of paper for each of you and the baby and dip your hands in the paint to create pictures. End the day by blowing bubbles and let her and her baby take turns trying to pop them.

Baby-Friendly Movie

Depending on where you live, several movie theaters offer specific matinees during the month where parents are encouraged to bring their babies along. Check your local theater's website. You and your girlfriend will be able to enjoy a current film without the worry of others telling the baby to hush. The theater will offer adequate room for a baby stroller and a baby-friendly environment with brighter lights and softer volume to cater to the little one. There may even be a diaper changing table conveniently placed in the back. While you watch the movie, sneak in moments to cuddle with your girlfriend and share snacks. Alternatively, you can create the movie theater experience at your home. Dim the lights, spread out a blanket on the floor for the baby to crawl on and snuggle up on the sofa to watch a film.