Things for a Bonfire

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A bonfire can be on a secluded beach or in a friend's open field. It is a gathering place where people get together to watch the flames and be out under the open skies. Some people enjoy a quiet evening around a bonfire, while others are looking for something to do. Just remember to be careful when you are around a bonfire. They are beautiful to look at, but they can be dangerous if you are not careful.


The flames of a bonfire can be inspiring. Even if you are not a musician, you can still help your group of friends make music. Hum along with a melody being played or grab a bucket and start creating a beat. Guitars, flutes, banjos and saxophones all make excellent instruments for playing around a bonfire. Try to play a song that everyone knows, or just start playing the first thing that comes to mind and see if you and your group of friends can write a song.


Bonfire games usually do not require props or equipment. You can expand on the music idea and play a bonfire version of "Name that Tune." Some of the games that you would play on a long car trip such as "20 Questions" and "I Spy" can become bonfire games. Another game to play is "Pass it On." This is where one person whispers a statement to the person next to him, and it gets passed around the bonfire. The last person to hear it tells the person that created the statement what she heard and they compare how well the statement got around the fire. Time and alcoholic spirits can make "Pass it On" interesting as the night wears on.


A bonfire is bigger than a campfire, so the flame is much hotter. The best foods to cook around a bonfire are hot dogs and potatoes because you can put them at the end of a long fork or stick and safely cook them. S'mores are a combination of marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate bars. People cook the marshmallows and then make a sandwich with the cooked marshmallow, chocolate bar and graham crackers. If you do s'mores around a bonfire, be sure to stand back at a safe distance. The marshmallows will cook much faster near a bonfire, so be ready to make your s'mores quickly.

Personal Time

Even if you are part of a group gathered near a bonfire, you can still bring things that will give you some personal time to yourself. Bring a radio with headphones that you can listen to and your favorite book to read. Have a notebook and pen handy to write down observations or poems. Use sketch pad and pencil to draw the shapes you see in the bonfire smoke.