Things a Boyfriend Should Know About His Girlfriend

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Men are often accused of not understanding women. Men can't easily read women's emotions, notes research conducted at LWL University Hospital in Germany in 2013. Gaining knowledge about your girlfriend can help shed light on who she is and what makes her tick. Although boundaries are important in all relationships, your need to acquire information about your girlfriend increases with the duration and seriousness of your relationship. Knowing certain things about your girlfriend can help you navigate more successfully through your relationship.

Personal Data

Start with the basics: your girlfriend's full name and home address, her birth-date, what type of work she does and where she goes to work or school. It could also be worthwhile to learn her birthplace, especially if there are cultural differences. Knowing the names of her immediate family and friends helps you follow her conversations when she talks about them. As your relationship progresses, it's important to discover any health issues she might have. These issues might range from food allergies to more serious diseases or conditions.


Pay attention to your girlfriend's temperament, so you'll know what to expect when challenges arise. Some girls are more prone to losing their temper over trivial matters or jealousy. Some become stressed more easily than others. Perhaps she has an irrational fear of seemingly mundane things such as dogs, birds or insects. Evaluate what she says and does in her interactions with you and others to determine whether she's sincere, generous, hateful, spiritual, loyal or selfish, for example.

Past Relationships

Past relationships shape future ones. Become familiar with your girlfriend's style of dealing with conflict. Her family's methods of handling disputes might suggest her approach to such situations. Although it's usually a bad idea to probe too deeply into past romances, find out if she's been married before and whether she has any children. It's also relevant to know if she's still fragile from the recent demise of a long-term relationship; it could influence what she expects of you.

Likes and Dislikes

Despite the old expression that "opposites attract," you'll want to know if you have enough common interests so you can enjoy things together. Consider exploring other activities to discover whether new mutual interests are possible. It's important to know about her use or abuse of alcohol or drugs. Familiarity with her likes and dislikes helps you know her better and prepares you to select appropriate gifts for her. Find out her music preferences and interest in sports. Discover her long-term goals and dreams for the future and whether they match yours.