These Recipes Give You Permission to Eat a Ton of Tortilla Chips


It's hard to resist the all-mighty tortilla chip. Crunchy, salty and so easy to make from scratch, tortilla chips are the type of food that you crave even when you're not hungry. When you are looking for a crowd-pleasing snacks to feed your friends or an excuse to make an easy side into a full-fledged meal, these recipes will make the most of your precious tortilla chips. Get excited, because we're basically giving you the green light to eat as many as you'd like.

Get the Party Going With Green Salsa

Chips and salsa are a party-time classic, and this glorious green tomatillo salsa is a good time in a bowl. Spice it up with extra serrano peppers, or keep it milder for a more mellow taste. Either way, stock up on those tortilla chips and just try not to double-dip.

Kristan Raines

Stun Your Tastebuds With Three Fruit Salsas

Move over tomatoes, because plain red salsa is out and inventive salsa is in. With the perfect combination of savory and sweet, thanks to ingredients like sweet mango and crunchy cucumber, these fruit salsas will dress your tortilla chips to the nines and taste great, too. Place them all in white bowls so that the vibrant colors really stand out.

Gina Matsoukas -

Add Some Hummus to the Mix

Who needs pita when you can have your hummus with tortilla chips? This Mediterranean dip only requires six ingredients and a food processor, so you can whip it up right before guests arrive to your party. The creamy texture melts in your mouth and pairs perfectly with a tortilla chip's crunch.

Jennifer Farley -

Take Your Nachos Up a Notch With Beer Cheese

Nothing says poker night, movie night or any night quite like a big plate of nachos and a round of beers. Combine two rowdy night musts — beer and cheese — into this simple sauce, and pour it (liberally) over a big plate of crunchy tortilla chips. You'll have a show-stopping appetizer that will make the night a winner.

Jackie Dodd

Sweeten the Deal With Pineapple Salsa

For some additional sweet and spicy flavors, scoop this tropical pineapple salsa up with tortilla chips. With no cooking required, all you need to do is chop up a pineapple, some peppers and a few seasonings in no time flat. The speed of this dish is a definite plus, because when everyone inhales it, it won't take you long to make more.

Jackie Dodd

Make a Kale and Artichoke Dip Everyone Will Love

When eating veggies seems like a chore, pull out this recipe for cheesy kale and artichoke dip and you'll be fighting over who gets to lick the bowl clean. The perfect topping for any tortilla chip, this creamy and cheesy dip is just the thing to bring to any gathering. Consider doubling (or tripling) the recipe to feed a crowd.

Jennifer Farley -

Bring the Flavors of the Sea to Dinner

Jackie Dodd

Warm Up With Albondigas Soup

When the sun goes down, and the evening breeze has a slight chill, nothing warms you up like a bowl of hot and spicy albondigas. Spoon out this classic meatball soup with some fresh tortilla chips on the side as a one-pot main course for dinner.

April Anderson

Bite Into Some Phenomenal Steak Tacos

Nothing follows tortilla chips and salsa like these savory steak tacos. With a beer and soy-citrus marinade, a simple cut of red meat goes from bland to transcendent. Transform your dining room table into a taco bar buffet, or plate them alongside some guacamole and sour cream for a restaurant feel.

Jackie Dodd

Savor Summer Flavors With Eggplant and Squash Enchiladas

These eggplant and summer squash enchiladas are exactly what you need for a weekend dinner that will feed an army. With a little prep work and some fresh ingredients, you will have a flavorful vegetarian meal that will have everyone clamoring for seconds. In fact, why not make a couple extra and freeze them for later?

April Anderson