These are the Treats You Should Create in October

by Natalie Way ; Updated August 31, 2017

You know the feeling: temperatures have dropped to a crisp cool, cozy sweaters have become part of your daily rotation and your coffee order has switched from iced to hot (PSL, please!). That's right, it's fall once again! This October, bring the flavors of autumn — like cinnamon, pumpkin and hazelnut — into your schedule and savor those heartwarming tastes. Have a potluck to attend? Looking to transition your homemade latte to a pumpkin-spiced version? Planning a Halloween bash for your little one? Take a look at these recipes, because we have a treat for whatever your month has in store.

For the Loved One With a Sweet Tooth

Inspired by the decadent shakes at Black Tap, this one combines vanilla ice cream, pumpkin pie filling, caramel and graham cracker: all of your favorite fall flavors in one. And when it comes to the garnish, a cherry on top is for amateurs. A milkshake this extreme demands donuts, donut holes and caramel corn.

For the Arachnophile

Whether you find yourself hosting a Halloween-themed party or you want to decorate a dessert with a creepy design for someone else's soiree, put your piping skills to use and garnish a cake with a chocolate hazelnut spiderweb. It still looks refined, if the party is adults-only.

For Your Favorite Chocoholic

Family dinner on the horizon? Dense devil's food cake forms the coffin for a mummy wrapped in layers of white buttercream on this fun chocolate cake. You might not awaken the spirits of pharaohs, but you will awaken everyone's tastebuds!

For Those Who Want Just a Small Bite

Impress your friends with chocolate brownies topped with little marshmallow ghosts that are toasted to perfection. While they may look like they took a steady hand and an entire day to create, you'll have them on the cooling rack in just a couple of hours.

For Those Who Love the Aroma of Pumpkin Bread

Is there anything more satisfying than walking into a kitchen and smelling pumpkin, cinnamon and sugar baking in the oven? Yes: tasting those flavors. The simplest way to achieve that desirable pumpkin taste — and that homespun aroma — is to use pumpkin pie mix in your pumpkin bread. Naturally.

For a Low-Maintenance Potluck Treat

There's nothing messy or complicated about rice krispie treats, and that makes them the ideal dessert for a get-together with a lot of people. Cut the krispies into the shape of candy corn and decorate them with yellow, orange and white frosting for an extra sweet touch.

For an Unexpectedly Warm Day

Not all autumn dessert cravings call for baked goods straight from the oven! October weather can be perplexing, and on those unseasonably warm days, make sure you have a pint of homemade pumpkin ice cream in the freezer.

For Your Sunday Morning Brunch

For Your Kid's Halloween Party

Gooey cupcakes are a must for the dessert table at any Halloween party. When you're short on time, but you still want to put a spooky touch on your treats, use this simple technique to create a spiderweb design.

For an Ideal Autumn Snack

Put them in your kid's lunchbox, throw them in a bowl for appetizer hour, stash them in your purse for when you need a little sugar rush: No matter how you stack it, mini caramel popcorn balls are an easy-to-make food for when you and your loved ones are on the go.

For Your Morning Yogurt

The secret ingredient in this pumpkin spice granola? A bit of pumpkin puree that, when combined with cinnamon, cloves and cardamom, infuses the flavors of autumn into this breakfast staple.

For a No-Brainer Weekday Breakfast

Muffin: not just a nickname for your significant other. This straightforward recipe for gooey pumpkin muffins calls for a flavor boost of pumpkin puree. Bonus? The recipe can be made vegan by substituting the milk for applesauce or almond milk.

For a Barista-Worthy Beverage

There's something special (and frankly, ceremonial) about buying that first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the fall season. But once the novelty of the green-and-white cup wears off, try making your own PSL at home.

For an Autumn Take on S'mores

For those of us who can't imagine a summer without s'mores, pull out your cast iron skillet and bake up this fall version now that the weather has cooled. A spread of pumpkin pie mix serves as the foundation for decadent layers of chocolate and marshmallow. What a better way to welcome October into your home?

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