The Wording for a Post-Wedding Brunch

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Weddings are often a whirlwind of nice clothes, lots of guests, tasty food and multiple pictures. A post-wedding brunch allows a couple to sit down with family and close friends the morning after the wedding to relax and enjoy one another's company. Brunch is a celebration of the couple's nuptials and coming honeymoon. Include the invitation in your wedding invites, and keep the wording and information simple.


Since brunch is a more informal affair, treat your brunch invitation the same way. At the top of the invitation, specify that the brunch is by invitation only. The greeting can be informal and whimsical or cordial and proper. For instance, "The vows are made, the couple wed. Before they leave, come enjoy a spread!" Pattern it on the page according to the style of the wedding invitation. The tone of the invitation will set the tone for the brunch.


Specify the date beneath the greeting. Typically, the brunch is the day after the wedding festivities. The morning should be a time of relaxation for the bride, groom, family and members of the wedding party. The date can be simply stated on one line of the invitation.


State the time on one line below the date. Select a time that is conducive to the previous days festivities. If the wedding ran late, select a brunch time closer to noon, and plan food accordingly. If the wedding was earlier the previous day, or the honeymooners have an early afternoon flight, plan the brunch around 10 and serve breakfast food to the guests.


State the location on one line below the date and time. If necessary, include the address beneath the name of the location. If your guests are booked at the same hotel or around a chain of restaurants, choose a location that allows them to get there with little to no hassle in a short amount of time.