The Types of Chino Pants for Men

The pants commonly known as chinos are made from chino cloth, a twill fabric consisting of mostly cotton. Chinos, or khakis as they are sometimes called, are a must-have for every wardrobe because they provide comfort and the versatility to be dressed up or down, perfect for most occasions.

Straight Dress Chinos

Straight leg dress chinos are great for a normal day at the office or a nice dinner out on the town. These flat-front pants with side pockets look best when creased during pressing. Straight leg chinos can be worn with dress shoes or oxfords. A cleanly pressed button-up shirt and sports coat makes these pants appropriate for even dressier occasions (Reference 1).

Boot Cut Chinos

These pants provide a little more casual look than dress chinos, as they are cut with a wider leg at the bottom to be worn with boots. With side and rear pockets, boot cut chinos are still appropriate for the office, but the pants are also great for a night out. Pair them with a collared polo-style shirt for a casual, yet put together look (Reference 1).

Relaxed Fit Chinos

If you’re looking for something to wear instead of jeans, relaxed fit chinos are the way to go. With a casual, easy fit, these chinos can be worn with tennis shoes or loafers. Side pockets and a looser fit make these perfect for attending your favorite sporting event or sports bar. Purchase them wrinkle-free for extra ease of wear (Reference 1).


The term “khakis” is truly a misnomer, as chinos come in many colors. Shades of blue, brown, gray, green and khaki are widely available. Purchasing several neutral colors makes your wardrobe more multi-functional, as you can pair several shirts with each pair of pants. In addition, chinos come with or without pleated fronts and cuffs (Reference 2).

Waist Options

While all chinos come with button fronts, there are several options available for the waist. Adjustable-waist chinos have an elastic band hidden in the waistband so they can be taken in or let out easily while having the appearance of a standard waistband. Manufacturers like Cabelas make chinos with regular waistbands, full elastic waistbands, or waistbands that are elastic only on the sides. Make your chinos the perfect fit by choosing the waistband that you’ll be most comfortable with (Reference 2).