The Proper Way to Tweeze Eyebrows

by Jo Burns ; Updated September 28, 2017

A frame should never compete with or detract from the painting it surrounds. While attractive on its own, the right frame should enhance the beauty of the art inside. In the same spirit, neatly tweezed eyebrows frame your face and should enhance your natural beauty. By investing in the proper tools and taking your time, you can master the art of properly plucked brows.

Stand in front of a well-lit mirror and comb your eyebrow with an eyebrow brush. Trim long hairs off the top of the brow with manicure scissors. Rest one edge of the scissors against your brow bone and carefully snip stray hairs that extend beyond the desired top line of your eyebrow.

Place a pencil at the bridge of your nose, so it covers your tear duct and extends to your brow line. The place where your brow line and the pencil intersect is where your brow should begin. Make a small mark with an eyeliner that can be seen through your brow hair to help you visualize the proper point.

Lay a pencil along the outside corner of your eye where your lashes end. Where the pencil and brow bone intersect is where your brow should end. Mark the point with eyeliner.

Observe your brow area closely. You should be able to detect a natural arch that peaks (more or less) above the iris. Remember the goal of tweezing is to enhance your natural arch, not to create a false one.

Anaesthetize your brow by rubbing an ice cube over the eyebrow area or wiping it with a cotton ball dipped in witch hazel.

Pluck errant hairs from the bottom of your brow with a sharp pair of slant-tip tweezers. Remove one hair at a time to prevent over-tweezing. Follow the shape of your natural arch and avoid tweezing at the top of the brow line.

Look at the inner and outer points of your eyebrow. Tweeze away any hairs that extend past the proper points.


  • There are a few tricks that may make tweezing less uncomfortable for those who dread the process. Tweeze your eyes directly after coming out of the shower, and the pores of your skin will be open, allowing for easier hair removal. Slathering your brow with a heavy lotion of hand cream may soften the hair follicle and cause the eyebrow to release more gently.

    Groom your brows in the evening before bedtime if tweezing causes your skin to redden and swell.

    Invest is a good magnifying mirror if you have difficulty seeing fine hairs.

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