The Etiquette for Inviting Co-Workers to Your Wedding

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According to the Emily Post Institute, discretion and tact are the keys to handling the decision of which co-workers to invite to your wedding, if any. Refraining from wedding chatter as the day draws near will ensure that none of your workmates feel left out or slighted.

Manage Expectations

Once you get engaged, tell your boss before other co-workers as a sign of respect. When announcing your wedding to your team or department, manage expectations for an invitation upfront by explaining that the guest list will be limited. For example, say, "We will be having a small wedding, so although we'd like to invite everyone important to us, we won't be able to invite many of our friends and co-workers."

Decide Who to Invite

Simply inviting your boss, your assistant and their significant others is appropriate. Doing so may even strengthen your work relationships with them. Inviting no one from work is also OK. Or, you may choose to invite only those with whom you are close, or only your team or department. Whatever decisions you make are perfectly acceptable as long as you are tactful and discreet. Remember, no matter who you invite, to always include significant others.

Consider Work a Wedding-Free Zone

Don't discuss your wedding updates at work, especially in front of those who will not receive an invitation. If you receive questions about your wedding, give polite but brief answers. Save discussions about the big day for lunch out or for after-hours. Use home mailing addresses when sending out the invitations, as opposed to work addresses or interoffice mail.