The Disadvantage of Rubber Strap Watch Bands

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Watches with rubber bands can be cheaper and lighter than other watches, but there are disadvantaged you may want to consider prior to making a purchase. Rubber can cause chafing and skin irritation during activities.


When rubber reacts with heat it tends to lose its shape. Rubber may warp in a hot environment such as an overheated car. Synthetic rubber, which is what most watch bands are made from, does not hold its shape as well as most fabric bands.


While a rubber watch band can be lighter and more durable than a heavy fabric band or stylish metal watch band, keep in mind that it could cause chafing. During daily activity, a rubber band will not pull sweat away from the body like a synthetic fabric would. Therefore, a rubber band against skin with perspiration has a greater chance of causing irritation.


Rubber is an allergen. According the the New York State Health Department, it is estimated that less than 1 percent of the American population has some sort of negative reaction to rubber. Watch bands are made with synthetic rubber, usually in the form of latex. Symptoms of latex allergy include itching, red skin, rash and sneezing.