The Best Ways to Cook a Nathan's Hot Dog at Home


0:05 everybody I'm Adrian Bustamante from

0:07 YouTube's food deconstructed and today

0:09 I'm going to show you some of the best

0:10 ways to cook a Nathan's hot dog at home

0:12 now there's a few different ways you can

0:14 obviously cook a hot dog at home you can

0:16 if you have a grill on the inside of

0:18 your kitchen you can do it that way if

0:19 you have a pan you can put it on a hot

0:21 pan but me I like to go old school and

0:24 get a nice boiling hot pot of water and

0:26 get my Nathan's hot dogs and place it

0:28 inside now all I would do is just open

0:30 up obviously a packet of hot dogs take

0:34 however many I'm going to eat out place

0:37 them inside the water and then I put on

0:39 the stove you're going to boil them for

0:41 about five minutes or so but make sure

0:43 you don't put the hot dogs in until the

0:45 water is already boiling you just get an

0:46 easier cook that way and it's just kind

0:48 of more of an even cook per se so again

0:51 five minutes in the boiling pot of water

0:52 and you're good you have yourself some

0:54 nice Nathan's hot dogs right at home so

0:57 again I've been Adrian Bustamante guys

0:59 and this has been how to cook a Nathan's

1:01 hot dog at home

1:09 you