The Best Way to Sell a Wedding Dress

by Minot Pettinato ; Updated September 28, 2017

When listing, make sure you have an accurate description of your dress.

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With the use of home-selling on the Internet, selling a wedding dress has never been easier. Make sure to list all of the dress's qualities and faults and provide clear and accurate photographs of the dress. Personal suggestions will also be appreciated by the buyer, whether she is buying the dress online or in person.

Take photographs. Using a high-quality camera, take photos of your dress from as many angles as you can. Take photos of the dress both on a body or doll mannequin and lying flat on a surface. Do not take photos with a cell-phone camera that is not of good quality. You want the buyer to be able to see what they are buying. Do not edit the photos to mislead your buyer. Make sure to take photos of any issues with the dress, such as missing beads, loose stitching or stains. Upload the photos to your computer.

Measure your dress. Using a fabric measuring tape, measure out the height of the dress. Do not include the train of the dress in the initial measurement. Measure out the train of the dress and add the length in height and width in the description. Measure the bust and hips as well. Remember to double the measurements for measuring done on one side of the dress if it is lying flat.

Write out a description. Using a computer or paper notebook, take down the pros and cons of the dress, such as any stains or tears it might have as well as its initial cost and information on embroidery or lace, if any. Suggestions on how to wear and style the dress may also help to sell it.

Decide on a price. Keep your price reasonable. Whether your dress is new or old, search it up online and find a similar dress listed and base your price off of that. If your dress is marked in some way, such as a rip or marker or food stain, adjust the price accordingly.

Find an outlet for your sale. Use websites such as, or to sell your dress. Each website has a box for a full description, price and shipping charges as well as the option to upload photos. While Kijiji offers in-person exchange, eBay and Etsy require you and your buyer to either have a credit card or a PayPal account handy. Fill in the required information and list your dress.

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