The Best Way to Dye a Beard

by Demi Gandomkar ; Updated September 28, 2017

Male grooming has taken significant strides over the years. Men want to look young and sexy too, so they’re taking better care of themselves both health-wise and on their outward appearance. While a few touches of grey in the hair can be very distinguished looking, some are opting not only to get rid of grey hair on their head, but their facial hair as well. Grey hairs in mustaches and beards can make men look quite older, but there are a few easy tips to get rid of it for a more youthful look.

Products Available

When deciding on a product to darken the grey in your facial hair, steer away from any dye that is not permanent. Some products are used for a one-time cover up and usually make more of a mess than cover anything. While semi-permanent dyes are somewhat better, the color will fade rather quickly--especially since your facial hair will be exposed to constant water exposure, both from washing and perspiration. For a permanent and professional look, use a permanent dye in your natural color. Don't go too dark because it will not produce a natural look. Therefore, if your hair is brown, do not get black dye; you want to blend away the grey, not mask it. If you don’t wish to purchase a beard dying kit with an applicator already in it, use either a mascara wand or a small toothbrush.


Prepare your dye according to the instructions on the beard kit or the permanent dye you purchased. You will usually have two tubes or bottles, one is the color and one is the developer. Mix the correct measurements of the two in a nonmetallic bowl until the consistency is even. When you’re ready to apply the dye, make sure your beard is clean and trimmed. Wash the beard to get rid of any excess natural oils found in the hair, so the dye coats evenly. Gently dip the applicator into the mixture, and apply it to your beard beginning with the sideburns. Make sure to coat gently; you don’t want the dye to touch the skin, which may cause irritation. Once all of your facial hair is coated evenly, allow the dye to develop. The time will vary based on the type of dye or kit you purchased. Wipe away a test spot to see if you’ve achieved the desired shade, and if so, gently rinse off the dye with warm water, and pat your beard dry to reveal a youthful beard free of grey hair.

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