The Best Walking Sneakers for Women

by Linda Woolhether ; Updated September 28, 2017

Women preparing to spend a lot of time walking should search for a sneaker with long-term comfort and support. Sturdy reliable arch support is a necessity for total support of ankles and legs and for overall comfort. Sneakers should be designed to allow feet to breathe to eliminate or reduce moisture buildup. Adequate heel support will help keep the body in proper alignment thus minimizing back stress and pain. Sporting goods stores offer a wide variety of women's walking sneakers.


These comfortable walking sneakers provide more flexibility in the front and mid-sole for walking support. This shoe is stable enough to prevent your foot from rolling from side-to-side. Not only are these sneakers comfortable and reliable, but they are also fashionable. If comfort, support and good looks are important in a walking sneaker, the RYKA - MC2 is a good buy at about $80.

New Balance - 858

Many women have low arches and flat feet that require more stability than those with normal arches. Some older women prefer this shoe because of the feeling of security it gives when walking. There is a grey dual-density foam support system that provides stability. This New Balance shoe has been compared to wearing training wheels and sells for around $100.

Timberland Lionshead

This sturdy shoe offers a lot of traction for walkers. It is designed to help avoid stubs while walking on trails or streets by providing a rubber toe. The flexible outsole provides for a shock absorbing walk. This sneaker offers comfortable support for about $110.

Adidas - 24/7

This walking sneaker doubles as an all-purpose shoe for numerous activities. One unique feature is its side-to-side support. The easy on and off Velcro strap makes it convenient and practical. Walkers, strollers or those serious gym athletes find this sneaker to be comfortable and affordable at or about $65. It also is stylish for wearing around town for shopping.

Nike Air Miler + Walking Shoe

This comfortable sneaker offers firm support and a cushioned insole. It features breathable mesh upper and lining made of Phylon, which provides extra cushioning. The rubber outsole is designed for extreme wear and tear. This shoe is priced at around $88.

Z7 Altec Kamma Walking Sneaker

This walking shoe is priced at $148.95, but provides many advantages over traditional walking sneakers. It has a perforated lining that allows the foot to breathe in a sporty lace-up style. The Z7 is designed to engage the seven major lower-body muscle groups as you walk. This sneaker improves balance and muscle tone as well.

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