The Best Unisex Gifts

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Whether you are choosing a gift for a couple or for a gift swap with a large group, choosing a gift appropriate for both genders will be key. When you do not know who will be receiving the gift or if the gift is meant to be enjoyed by more than one person, choose a gift that can be appreciated by a broad spectrum of people.

Food Basket

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Whether you are male or female, the appeal of a tasty meal will likely entice you as well as lead to an enjoyable evening. Assemble a basket full of the items necessary to put together a home-cooked meal. Fill the basket with different types of pasta and pasta sauce along with spices that would be appropriate for a pasta dish, such as basil or rosemary. Include a bottle of olive oil along with a bottle of wine with two wine glasses to round out the gift.


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Tickets to a local show, concert or a movie theater will likely appeal to both genders. Include with the tickets a bottle of wine for the recipient to enjoy prior to attending the choice of entertainment. Round out the gift with a gift certificate to a local restaurant, bar or lounge near the entertainment venue so the recipient can enjoy a meal before the show or a night cap after.

Coffee and Tea Basket

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Assemble a basket full of a variety of teas and coffee blends. Add a new, funky mug or two, or a sturdy travel mug. Include a couple bottles of coffee flavoring, such as hazelnut or French vanilla. Tuck into the basket a box of sugar packets and festive coffee stirrers. Round out the gift with a gift card to a local coffee shop for when there is no time in the morning to brew one's own coffee or tea.