The Best Types of Mens Hairpieces

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Choosing men's hairpieces is a little trickier than choosing a wig or hairpiece for a woman. The main reason is styling. Women can tease and hide a part or bang lines by styling the wig or hairpiece to mix in with the other hair. Men have a more traditional set of options, like a side part or combed completely back. The trick to men's hairpieces is to use as little as possible and use them in spots, not one huge piece over all the head.

Thinning in Front

Many actors have this problem, and you can't tell the ones who do because the hairpiece is so successful (Hello, Mr. Pacino!). The main thing is to let the sides of the front of the hair recede to the temples, but add a hairpiece for the center front section. This looks extremely natural. The best ones to purchase come on a comb. You simply stick the hair in via the comb and mess it up on the top to remove lines of demarcation. The comb holds it securely, and a little hairspray helps.

The Monk's Fringe

When the front, sides and neckline are thick and the center top is balding, you need to choose a hairpiece that does not have too much hair. You don't want it to sit on the top of your head looking very fake. And texture is key. If you are curly, choose curly, likewise straight. And blend in the color for an exact match. Don't let sideburns of temples stay grey--it only draws attention to the hairpiece. Again, make sure the one you choose has combs, one on each side of the piece for this style.

Toupee or Not Toupee

If you are going bald all over, you might be tempted to get a full hairpiece, but think very carefully. The options for men are just not as nuanced and advanced as for women, and you can really look like you're wearing a wig. But the good news is, a shaved head, no matter your age, is very much in style, and women seem to like it. If you choose a full hair piece, choose a shorter style with no sideburns and clipped short in back. Make sure to use two-sided wig tape in at least three places to make sure the toupee stays on.