The Best Sunglasses for the Money

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Don't be tempted to buy a pair of sunglasses just because they are a designer brand; you won't always get what you paid for. Instead of paying for a famous name, choose a brand with features that make it worth your money. Durability, maximum sun protection and comfort are what a few brands have to offer.


Choppers sunglasses brand was spawned by the popular TLC television program, "Orange County Choppers." These sunglasses were designed specifically with motorcycle enthusiasts in mind. The frames are made of strong plastic, or lightweight, hypoallergenic metals (99 percent aluminum and 1 percent magnesium). The hinges are also spring-loaded to make them more flexible, which allows them to fit around your head snugly as you ride. This brand is affordable and cost anywhere from $20 to $45, as of 2011.


A pair of Oakley sunglasses in 2011 costs anywhere from $70 to upwards of $200, depending on what style you get. They are known for standing up to and protecting the wearer's eyes from harsh conditions. They are also popular for being comfortable, with a smooth, thin rubber padding around the ears and nose on many styles. While they do sell tinted goggles, they also have more aesthetically pleasing sunglasses more suited for daily wear.

Sundog Eyewear

Sundog brand sunglasses make styles for athletes of all kinds, as well as for people who want to look stylish while protecting their eyes. They use a technology called "Mela-Lens," which is made to block harsh UV and HEV light and create a contrast so you can still see clearly, even though the lenses are dark. The frames are made of Polyamide, which is ideal for sensitive skin and is lightweight. As of 2011. these glasses are priced around $40 to $60.


Spy sunglasses were made with sports athletes in mind, but are sleek and stylish enough for everyone else. Their styles include the "Spy Scoop" technology, which provides ventilation so the glasses do not get fogged while you wear them. The lenses are also polarized, which means your eyes are protected from harsh rays, but the lenses aren't too dark to see through. On average, a pair of Spy's puts you back $71 to $125 in 2011.