The Best Steel Toe Work Boots for Standing on Concrete All Day

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If you work with heavy equipment, machinery or dangerous objects, chances are that your employer requires you to wear steel toe boots. These boots have steel toes to protect your feet from dangerous machinery or heavy falling objects. While it makes sense to protect your toes, you also need to find shoes that are comfortable and will keep your feet healthy. This is especially true if you're standing on tough concrete all day.


The most important factor when choosing steel toe work boots is to get the right size. Steel toe work boots will not stretch as readily as regular work boots, so you may need to get a professional shoe salesman to fit you. If your work boots normally start out a little tight and then get worn in, try on a wide boot when shopping for your steel toes. If your steel toe boots start out a little tight, they are going to stay a little tight. You do not need your shoes pinching you while you are on your feet all day. Shop for your work boots late in the day or the early evening. Your feet tend to swell and get bigger throughout the day, so you want to try shoes on when they are at their biggest.


Make sure that the soles on your steel toe work boots are in top condition. Once your soles begin to wear down, they are no longer supporting your foot properly. Some steel toe work boots are manufactured with Goodyear soles, which can be easily replaced by cobblers. When you buy your steel toe work boots, look for boots that have thick, sturdy, slip resistant rubber soles. These soles can absorb some impact to your feet and will also last you a long time. This is especially important if you work at a job standing on concrete with no safety mats.


Depending upon your job and the shape of your foot, you may want to look for other extra features in a steel toe work boot. Taller boots will offer you more ankle support. This support could prove to be especially handy if you have ever suffered an injury. Some boots are made with padded collars. These padded collars will protect your ankles from being chafed by the edge of the boots and keep you comfortable. If you have either flat feet or high arches, you should buy additional orthopedic insoles for your work boots. These insoles can protect you from injury and keep you from feeling fatigued.