The Best Smoked Baked Hams Images

Thanksgiving or Christmas would not be complete without a smoked baked ham. Smoked ham is carefully seasoned and smoked over wood chips to give it a flavor that is savory and smoky. There are many smoked hams on the market, but there are a few that are better than the rest. When you are purchasing a smoked ham for a special occasion, make sure that you order it weeks in advance to ensure that you receive it in time.

HoneyBaked Smoked Ham

A HoneyBaked smoked ham gives you a perfectly cooked, juicy ham without the hassle. HoneyBaked gives you three options on how to purchase a smoked ham; you can visit their store or purchase directly from their mail-order catalog or website. You can use their online store locator to find a store near you. This company uses hardwood chips to smoke the ham for 24 hours. This ham comes with the bone inside and it is spiral-sliced. HoneyBaked glazes the smoked ham and packs it airtight so it can be shipped to your destination. UrbanSpoon, a food review website, gives HoneyBaked ham a 100 percent rating.

North Country Smokehouse Smoked Ham

North Country Smokehouse smoked hams are maple cured and slow-baked on top of fruitwood chips. North Country states that fruitwood chips give the ham a smoky and sweet flavor. North Country’s smoked ham comes in a variety of flavors such as Bistro Ham, Peppered Ham, Black Forest Ham and Cajun pork tasso. Kinnealey states that North Country Smokehouse is one of the country's last family-owned smokehouses and their products are featured nationwide on the menu of five-star restaurants.You can purchase a North Country Smokehouse smoked ham on their website.

Applewood Farms Smoked Ham

An Applewood Farms smoked ham is USDA approved and it is gluten and hormone free. Their ham is honey cured and it is kept in it own juices. Applewood Farms fully cooks their ham, so they are ready-to-serve. The company provides a glaze packet for you to pour over the ham. The smoked ham comes packaged in an airtight container. Customers have praised Applewood Farms' smoked ham for being flavorful and juicy. You can purchase an Applewood Farms smoked ham on their website.

Carando Hickory Smoked Ham

Carando Hickory smoked ham gives you a taste that is a combination of sweetness and saltiness. This ham is smoked with hickory chips which provide that savory flavor. The Carando Hickory smoked ham was chosen as the Best Baked Ham Overall by Epicurious. Epicurious is a food website that provides taste tests and recipes. You can use Carando’s “Find Our Products” section on their website to find the ham at a local retailer in your area.