The Best Skin Care Products for a 60-Year-Old Woman


0:04 hi this is dr. Deborah Jellyman

0:07 a board-certified dermatologist in New

0:09 York City and author of the book skin

0:12 rules trade secrets from a top New York

0:14 dermatologist here to talk about the

0:16 best treatments for a 60 year old woman

0:20 what can you do to make your skin look

0:22 better first of all it's important to

0:26 use a mild cleanser because you don't

0:28 want to strip your skin so how do you

0:30 know if your cleanser is mild enough

0:32 first look for a milky cleanser that

0:35 doesn't suds if your cleanser is sudsing

0:38 then you know it's stripping your skin

0:40 because it has a detergent and that's

0:42 not a good thing because most people

0:44 when they're 60 their skin starts to

0:47 lose the oils that are present in the

0:50 skin the next thing is that every

0:52 morning you want to make certain whether

0:54 you're going outside or not that you're

0:56 using an SPF of 30 look for a

1:00 broad-spectrum sunscreen that blocks

1:03 both UVA rays as well as UVB rays you

1:06 may say why do I need to wear a

1:08 sunscreen if I'm sitting inside by a

1:11 window well we know that window glass

1:15 transmits UVA rays and the UVA rays

1:20 damage the college and elastic tissue

1:22 and that causes wrinkles so we certainly

1:25 don't want to get that and there are

1:27 many different sunscreens you can use

1:29 you can use one that has a moisturizer

1:31 you can use a lotion you can even use a

1:33 powder when you're washing your face you

1:36 can use a sonic cleansing system the

1:39 sonic cleansing systems help get rid of

1:41 the dead skin and that's a good way to

1:43 exfoliate exfoliation is very important

1:46 to give the skin its glow there are

1:50 great products you can get over the

1:52 counter to make your skin look better

1:53 there are products which have vitamin C

1:56 and other antioxidants and the aunt the

1:59 antioxidants help make the skin look

2:02 better it helps the fine lines in the

2:04 skin and it helps to make the skin glow

2:06 it can look for growth factors which

2:09 help the fine lines you can look for

2:10 peptides you can look for DNA repair

2:14 products and you can also look for

2:16 retinol retinol reverses sun damage and

2:21 it also gets rid of brown spots and fine

2:24 lines so even if you don't want to go

2:26 see a dermatologist there are a lot of

2:28 things you can do at home to make your

2:31 skin look a lot better

2:32 you can even the color you can even the

2:35 texture and you can even get rid of fine

2:37 lines thanks for watching