The Best Shower Shoes

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Prevent foot fungus, which is painful, ugly and contagious, by taking proper care of your feet. Wear shoes that encourage air circulation to your feet. Do not let your feet sweat for long periods or remain damp. Because fungus and foot infections thrive in wet areas, make it a habit to wear the best shower shoes in the bathroom.

Pool Slides

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Speedo and Adidas make top-ranked pool slides specifically for use in and around water, including pools and showers. Some have adjustable upper straps that fit over bare feet. Traction soles prevent slipping. They are made of synthetic materials that are durable and dry quickly. Styles such as the Speedo Men's Pool Slide and Adidas's Women's Calissage Sandal are top rated at Amazon. Adidas Adilette Slides are rated best at Adidas.

Spa Collection Flip-Flops

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Zendals spa shoes are stylish, inexpensive and designed exclusively for showers. They come in an assortment of colors with trendy designs. These lightweight flip-flop shower shoes have a nonslip sole and are machine washable. According to Zendals, "These shower shoes are the next best thing to showering barefoot in public facilities without the worry of contracting bacteria."

Dorm Shower Shoes

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The most popular women's and men's shower shoes at Dorm Company are Baby Dot Shower Sandals. Simply designed with a rubber strap and sole, this is a basic flip-flop. Designs come in prints and colors, fun for the college student experiencing the community shower concept who wants the best foot protection.

Shower Shoes from Australia

Shower Shoe manufactures a flip-flop with suction for nonslip action. It is designed with bacteria fighting material injected into the sole. According to Shower Shoe, "The inner sole offers a lovely cushion for your foot and absorbs any discomfort from foreign matter lying beneath." The Shower Shoe company is considered an emerging brand, according to the Australian Shoe Fair.

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