The Best Perm Rods for Thin & Fine Hair


0:05 hi I'm mark and this is the best size

0:09 perm rods for fine thin hair

0:12 unfortunately it's not the rod that

0:15 matters it's actually the solution that

0:17 matters the only thing with the rods is

0:19 the size of the curl that you're looking

0:21 for has nothing to do with if you have

0:23 fine hair thin hair or anything else it

0:26 is the size of the rod that determines

0:28 the actual curl formation and then your

0:32 perm solution is the one that you need

0:34 to be careful of if you have fine thin

0:36 hair what you really want to use is an

0:39 acid perm alkaline perm will be too

0:41 strong for fine thin hair