The Best Haircuts With Glasses

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Finding the perfect haircut for your face shape and personality can be a challenge in itself. If you wear eyeglasses, you also have to consider which cuts will showcase your eyes and your eyeglass frames the best. One of the most important parts about getting a haircut that complements your eyeglasses is to take your glasses with you to your hair appointment. This will allow the stylist to see the best way to frame your face with the glasses on and make any adjustments before she begins to cut your hair.

Discover the best haircuts for your face shape. "Good Housekeeping" offers some suggestions. Cuts that flatter oval and round faces have some volume on the top and a bit of length on the sides. For faces with a square jawline, seek out cuts that fall softly around the face and are parted to one side. A heart-shaped face looks best with bangs and hair that rests at the jawline.

Seek out pictures of haircuts you like that fit the description of what works best for your face shape. Once you find a few images of styles, consider the pros and cons of each. Consider whether your hair will be in the way when you take your glasses off and put them back on throughout the day.

Choose a soft cut for bold frames and a bold cut for soft frames. Bold frames are typically thicker and either come in a nonneutral color or have some type of embellishment or pattern. Soft frames tend to have a thin wire rim, smaller lenses and are not as noticeable on your face. By contrasting the cut to the frames, you will either draw attention to your hair or to your glasses.

Keep bangs above the rim of your glasses. According to, bangs also look best with frames that are soft, light-colored or transparent. If you tend to take your glasses on and off a lot, keep hair back from the face and avoid styles that layer pieces around your temples.

Match your new hairstyle to your eyeglass frames. Large frames are complemented by long layers with side volume or short hair layered around the face. Small, subtle frames look best with long blunt hairstyles, razored ends or medium, wavy hairstyles.