The Best Gifts for a Girl's 11th Birthday

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When a girl turns 11, a lot of changes are taking place in her life. Her hobbies and interests may be completely opposite from previous years. Knowing what to buy for the special birthday girl at this pre-teen stage can be difficult, but not impossible. While every child is different, there are things that most 11-year-olds find interesting.


Electronic devices are great ideas for the girl turning 11. Nintendo DS units, laptop computers and cell phones are at the top of their wish lists. TVs, DVD players and cameras are also good gift choices. Laptops make a good gift, providing access to popular social media Internet sites, as well as aiding in school work.

Game consoles are all the rage for girls and teens, such as the Nintendo Wii and PlayStation consoles. In addition to the consoles, many accessories are available. Car chargers, console carriers and numerous games are available.

Music items

An iPod makes a great gift, as music is a staple in most kids' daily activities; iPods can range from the small and practical iPod shuffle, to the top-notch IPod Nano. The Nano can play music, videos and TV shows, allowing girls to carry all their favorite media with them.

With a wide variety of colors and sizes, the iPod music player is a great option for a gift. Lots of accessories are available such as arm bands, carry cases and matching ear buds.

Jewelry and Makeup

Every pre-teen loves to experiment with hair and makeup. Some great ideas for her birthday come from the beauty section of the local department stores. Body lotions, makeup and jewelry are always great gifts. Jewelry boxes and earring organizers can be purchased and filled, allowing a girl to have plenty of selection. Necklaces can be placed in necklace holders and wrapped, providing various colors for any outfit.

Nail polish, hair clips and other hair accessories can also be purchased, and arranged in a small basket, providing both storage and a nice presentation. Eye shadows, lip sticks and blush are always good choices for the pre-teen.

Gift Cards

If all else fails, one gift that will fit every personality is the universal gift card. Gift cards can be purchased as a Visa or MasterCard to use virtually anywhere she chooses. These gift cards can be used in retail stores, as well as for music downloads and other online purchases. Specialty gift cards can be purchased from almost any retail store. Presentation of the card won't be boring, when placed in a gift card holder.