The Best Gifts for a 6 Year Old Girl

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A gift for a 6-year-old girl should be largely based on her personality. If she is a girlie girl, makeup and dolls might do the trick, but if she is a tomboy, you might have to give the gift a little more thought. However, some gifts are sure to delight, no matter what personality type she is.

Board Games

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Numerous board games are appropriate for children, and a 6-year-old may be starting to understand the concepts behind the more grown-up family-friendly board games, such as Monopoly or Life. These games are traditional family favorites that can help create lasting memories throughout her childhood.

Craft Kits

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Craft kits with predetermined themes are available, or you can create a personalized craft basket by purchasing individual supplies. Some items to consider are pipe cleaners, feathers, wiggly eyes, Popsicle sticks, fabric, glitter, puffy paint, poster board and craft scissors. Include a book of ideas along with these other goodies and watch her creativity soar.

Virtual Online Pets

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For children who have access to a home computer, there are several different virtual pets that enable them to interact in online communities. These communities allow children to chat with friends, design their own pets and play a variety of games (see Resources).

Gift Cards

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Gift cards allow children to shop with their own money and pick out exactly what they want. Some gift-card ideas include those to book stores, department stores and toy stores.

Girls' Night Out

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Consider planning a day or night around her interests. Perhaps a visit to the zoo and then dinner at her favorite place, or a day spent at an arcade with unlimited game play. Another possibly is a day at a flea market (with a little money to spend of course).

Savings Account

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A small deposit of $20 can set the birthday girl on the track toward a positive financial future. She'll be able to put future cash gifts into the savings account instead of spending them, creating a nest egg for herself to help with future large purchases, such as a car or a graduation trip.